The Challenge: Create an economic, time management and organizational solution for the meetings of two separate sales forces within the ConAgra Refrigerated Foods division.

Our Solution: We selected a property in Orlando, Florida that had ample meeting space for joint and separate sessions. Orlando was an easily accessible destination that also provided a wealth off site recreational opportunities for the whole group.

We opened with a combined general session that incorporated an inspirational video module and a troupe of versatile actors. Through out the morning senior management addressed the both groups at length on the successes of the past year and direction of the entire division's future.

At the lunch break the combined sales force split. As one remained and continued to meet in the first ballroom, the other half moved to an adjoining ballroom. The second ballroom was equipped with a customized stage set that met this unique requirements and technical needs of this group.

Breaks and breakout sessions all were staggered as not to interfere with the agenda's of the each sales force.

We continued to utilize the Singer/Actors for the Retail Group delivering customized sketches that would introduce the concepts of each speaker's presentation.

In keeping with there sub theme, the Food Service Group was treated to a motivational presentation by none other then a member of the famous “Flying Wendellas” family. He delivered his entire presentation walking on a high wire stretched tightly over the audience. As a finale, a member of the audience was invited to walk on the wire with him!

Reunited: During the evenings both groups joined together for team building activities, special events such as a private party at the Universal Studios, Orlando.

The Results: Both organizations were able to come together and share in new product offerings and messaging that was pertinent to the whole group. This also allowed them in many cases to pool their economic resources. Senior Management's time was economized. Each group was afforded the creative and production support that would allow for the delivery of information and instruction on their specific business units while allowing for the whole group to gain a greater sense of community within the entire division.


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